If there was such thing as a 7 Wonders of The World for Hotels, The Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco would be on this list. What makes this landmark is her story. On April 18, the city of San Francisco was leveled, by one of the strongest earthquakes to hit the Western United States. It didn’t end there after what we could call now is the 1906 earthquake, fires irrupted throughout the city and eventually it reached Nob Hill (which is where she sits). Her birth was met with a rude awakening.

1906 was truly a defining moment for all of San Francisco, but for her Majesty, this is where her real story begins. Millionaire infidelity and murder was associated with the rebuilding process, but a local architect Julia Morgan came to the rescue. Ms. Morgan is first woman graduate of the prestigious Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, France. Her love for architecture and vision of this magnificent Italian curtain is truly a masterpiece. Believe it or not, Ms. Morgan made a promise to finished this project in 365 days. Days and nights her crew worked through it together and define all odds. On April 18, 1907 The Fairmont Hotel risen from her ashes and open her doors for business.

Through out the years, many memories were created within those marble floors, high ceilings, and double wide hallways. In 1945 for 11 weeks, The United Nation occupied these walls to eventually change the world and what now has become the the birthplace for The United Nation Charter. If you ask historians what is the most important event or best feature of her Crown Jewels, many would mention the famous swimming pool, entertainers, or even politicians. If you had to ask me, hands down its the rich history resting on the 8th floor.

This penthouse was feature in the blockbuster action movie THE ROCK starring Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage. Never mind the beautiful iconic downtown views of SF that awaits you out on the balcony. A Moroccan inspired pool table room which by the way has over 100,000 tiles. A dining room design for up to 50 of your guest to enjoy a Michelin star dinner. The constellation is embedded in the double story high oval ceiling, which below is a 2 level library. Memories and history was created on this very floor.. As I was lucky enough to walk throughout this floor, I had goosebumps thinking of the decision, and actions of individuals who occupied these very walls. Now If only those walls could talk.