Iriana Cafe

By Winston Thomas

Earth Fire and Wind, oh and Sunset. Mother Nature is always on display here at Iriana Cafe all year round. At night you have two creatures, the first are the millions of stars filling the sky’s above and the second are the lit up cruise ships docked on the calm Mediterranean waters while hosting travelers like yourself. Situated in the neighborhood of Fira, Santorini, is this terrace cafe that offers spectacular 180 degree panoramic view of the Caldera, volcano, the sea, and the sunset. Don’t be surprise if your mind goes back in time when Troy fell and In 1646 BC a massive volcanic eruption. This was perhaps one of the most famous and largest ever witnessed by mankind, took place at Thera present day Santorini.

There are a handful of cliffside cafe’s in Santorini, what set Iriana Cafe apart from others is the combination of customer service, drink and food menu, ambience, views, and we have to emphasize again on the customer service. Sure, it’s easy to talk about the panoramic views, but the customer service here at Iriana Cafe is not just world class but personable. Ladies and Gentlemen, that’s rare now a days, especially when most customers come here expecting a “Post Card” views.