Frequently Asked Questions

How does your service work?

First you will need to apply for membership, after getting approved, you will be able to log into our website or app to start making your request. After making your request, a Personal Assistant from our company will contact you ASAP through email or phone call. All requests are kept in your profile for you (Only YOU) to access at any moment and time.

Can I purchase a membership for a friend or another person beside myself?

YES: Absolutely you can do it. This other person will need to first know of your gift before setting up the account. This way, the recipient will then have full access of his/her account.

Is Winston Thomas strictly a subscription base company?

YES: To be a member and use our services, we require you to apply for membership.

Does service extend beyond the country I am in?

YES: Only THE MASTER KEY will allow you to use our service worldwide. Sapphire, Ruby and Diamond does NOT qualify for other countries.

How long does my membership last?

1 YEAR: 365 calendar days from the date of purchase.

What is the fastest way for me to reach your company for a request?

WEBSITE: For non-members on our website is a contact form. Through that page, you’re able to send us an email. For members, Sign in on our website or app to make your request.

Is sending an email the only way to make a request?

YES: We like to be transparent and also document every request/inquiry that comes in. This way, there will be a paper trail for both parties.

Does Winston Thomas provide a membership card?

YES: You will receive a welcome packet once becoming a member. In the welcome packet, there will be a membership card for qualifying members.

As a member, and making requests, how private is my profile?

100% SECURE: Please be assured your information and requests are kept within the confines of Winston Thomas. If you would like to share your requests to your friends and family, then we do not have control over this aspect.

Is my membership transferable?

NO: Each membership is for 1 individual for 365 days.